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Lexa Stone

Lexa Collection
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Stone description

Product advantages

An innovative product with clean lines to achieve a masonry veneer with a modern look. Thanks to its avant-garde style, Lexa stone is infused with elegance ans simplicity.

In the familly:
- Lexa Pavers
- Lexa Slabs

In Harmony with:
- Mondrian 80 Pavers
- Mondrian 60 Slabs
- Mondrian 50 Slabs
- Esplanade Slabs

  • Proposes a cutting-edge style with an attractive texture.
  • Offers a streamlined appearance
  • Is available in three exclusive colours
  • Allows for a modular or linear installation
  • Reduces the number of cuts required and the waste due to its modular dimensions
  • Presents chamfered edges to accentuate clean lines
  • Includes a percentage of stones with finished ends to achieve corners
  • Matches perfectly with our landscaping products, including Lexa paver and slab, Mondrian paver and slab and Esplanade slab.
Lexa Stone

Look and installation patterns

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Colors available

Stones | Lexa Stone Range Cameo beige
Range Cameo beige
Stones | Lexa Stone Range Alpine Grey
Range Alpine Grey
Stones | Lexa Stone Rockland Black
Rockland Black

Shapes and Sizes

Large Stone

Stones | Lexa Stone 90 x 198 mm  3½ x 7 13/16 in
90 x 198 mm
3½ x 7 13/16 in

Medium Stone

Stones | Lexa Stone 90 x 114 mm  3½ x 4½ in
90 x 114 mm
3½ x 4½ in

Small Stone

Stones | Lexa Stone 90 x 76 mm  3½ x 3 in
90 x 76 mm
3½ x 3 in