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Polymeric stone dust

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Product advantages

Permapro polymeric stone dust is a unique mixture of polymer binders and calibrated stone. It is ideal for a variety of natural stone appolications such as pool decks, patios and pathways. Permapro polymeric stone dust can be used for natural stone joints between 1.25 cm (1/2”) to 10 cm (4”)

  • works at above 15º C (59º F)
  • compatible with all types of natural stones
  • flexible unlike cement joints
  • easy to install – sweep stone dust in joints (no trowelling)
  • natural stone finish on joint surface (unlike white cement joint)
  • not recommended for concrete pavers or slabs
Polymeric stone dust

Colors available

Permapro | Polymeric stone dust Grey
Permapro | Polymeric stone dust beige

Shapes and Sizes

Permapro | Polymeric stone dust Bag of 30 kg (66.6 lb)
Bag of 30 kg (66.6 lb)