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Permapro Shampoo

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Product advantages

Permapro shampoo eliminates the dirt encrusted on most landscaping project materials, such as concrete pavers, slabs, and walls. It gives products a clean, vibrant appearance. This cleaning product is ideal for use before applying any sealant, as it will allow the sealant to penetrate more deeply into the pores of the concrete.

  • Dislodges dirt encrusted on the surface of products
  • Restores pavers, slabs, and walls to their natural colour
  • Does not contain hydrochloric acid
  • Washes off with water
  • Available in two sizes: 3.78 L (1 US gal.) or 18.9 L (5 US gal.)
Permapro Shampoo

Colors available

Permapro | Permapro Shampoo .

Shapes and Sizes

Permapro | Permapro Shampoo 4 L
4 L