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Mega-Arbel« Pavers

Trafalgar Collection
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Paver description

Product advantages

The unique and distinctive look of this paver comes from its random patterns that produce a mosaic like effect. For a natural flagstone type look with irregular contours and surfaces.

  • Compared to natural stone, Mega-Arbel pavers interlock perfectly for:
    • a more stable installation
    • less shifting of pavers and joint expansion
    • less cutting and waste
  • A variety of slate-like textures
Mega-Arbel® Pavers

Look and installation patterns

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Colors available

Pavers | Mega-Arbel« Pavers Range Dunlop beige
Range Dunlop beige
Pavers | Mega-Arbel« Pavers range Danville beige
range Danville beige
Pavers | Mega-Arbel« Pavers range Richmond grey
range Richmond grey
Pavers | Mega-Arbel« Pavers range Melbourne grey
range Melbourne grey
Pavers | Mega-Arbel« Pavers Range Cognac Brown
Range Cognac Brown

Shapes and Sizes

Pavers | Mega-Arbel« Pavers 80 x 390 x 532 (mm)3 1/8 x 15 3/8 x 20 15/16(in)
80 x 390 x 532 (mm)
3 1/8 x 15 3/8 x 20 15/16(in)