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Choosing your Landscaping Products

1. Landscaping and its Look

From an overall perspective, your landscaping concept must align with the look you have decided to pursue.
That look will determine your property's style and consequently its personality.
Classic Antique Natural Modern
- Traditional feel
- Even shapes
- Straight edges with clean   contours
- Monochromatic and ranged   colours
- Time-honoured feel
- Old Europe style contours   (edges) and surfaces   (textures)
- Ranged earth tones
- Uneven contours that vary a   little or a lot
- Ranges of natural textures   in a single product
- Ranged earth tones
- Modular and Modern
- Straight and clean lines
- Monochromatic coulours

2. Brick, Stone, Slab or Paver Patterns within the Landscape

Decide the patterns in which you will lay out your bricks, stones, slabs or pavers.
To achieve beautiful results, the selected patterns must match with the architectural elements of your home.
Linear Modular Random
- Even alignment
- "Brick" style
- Discontinuous alignment
- "Cut stone" style
- Asymmetrical alignment
- "Flagstone" style

3. The Colours of the Landscaping Materials

In landscaping, special attention must be paid when choosing the colours of the materials to be used for your home's entrance, driveway, patio, pathway or terrace. Well-thought-out colours give your property added appeal. Here are a few suggestions worth noting for a perfectly harmonious landscape:
Match Coordinate Unite
If your residence is faced with Permacon brick or stone, you can create perfect harmony. In fact, all of our products are designed to go together beautifully. If you opt for a colour that exactly matches your house, you may want to use vegetation as an accent for pathways or the patio. With Permacon stone or brick cladding, you can find the perfect colour harmony. If your home is faced with something other than Permacon brick or stone, harmonize the paver and wall colours with the colour of another outside feature of the house, for example, a shade of the cladding, the colour of the shingles, doors and windows, soffits, etc. If properly coordinated, contrasting colours also yield excellent results. If in doubt, opt for beige or grey tones, as they are neutral and go with everything.